Friday, 28 March 2014


On Saturday I went to the Hurleyville pumpkin festival. There was a lot of things there but the one thing I liked was the coconut throw. I had to throw strong balls at four coconuts and what ever I hit I get.

So I lined up. The ball was in my hands and i threw it and it hit it! "Wow" said Dad as he handed me my next ball. "Nice job."

I threw my next few balls but I didn't hit it again. "Nice hitting" said the lady as she gave me my coconut."Wow thats heavy" I said as I heaved the coconut over to mum.

"I wonder what I will do next?" I thought.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Mr Spice medium problems

These are the answers to the medium questions in week 6

Mr Spice Easy Problems

This morning Dad and I did the easy questions from Mr Spice.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Horse riding

"So you put the reins through the hole here and that will make it tight" Grandad said as he helped me on. Then I got on the horse and steered it to the exit.

Then the  horse trotted over to the gate and off we went down the track.

"OK Mackenna make sure you stay behind me" Dad said as he rode the horse down the dusty track while holding the rope. 

After we did two laps it was Caridy's turn. I was very bored because my little sister did not understand the point of I spy. Then Dad came and let me have two laps of my own.

It was all going smoothly until dad went right off the track! I stopped in surprise and then Dad got back on the track and we kept going.

At the end we had to take all of the gear off and then we drove home.