Friday, 25 April 2014


In the holidays I went to my cousin Calens birthday party. They had this very fun game that used these massive balls. Yep, you guessed it. Zorbing!

 I was really surprised about what stood right in front of me, there was a ball that was about 4 metres high! I loved it.The Zorbing was like being in clothes drier, tumbling and turning back and forth.

 Then I tried these little balls. They had these handles that you had to hold on at all times because you flip all the time and you get shoved from behind and sometimes if you're unlucky, you end up on your head!

 When it was getting dark we all got to choose something to go on before a men deflated them. I choose to go on the big ball. The only person left was Aunty Lol. She said she would push, but I didn't feel comfortable. Me, Aliette and Caridy all tumbled in and off we went.

 Guess what? I knew I was right. I knew not to trust Aunty Lol because every time we rolled over there was a hole waiting to be filled. Aliette fell in one twice! I never wanted it to end but we had to get out."That was fun" I thought. Then Aunty Lol told everyone to come to her house. So we all piled in cars and drove off.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Aqua dragons

Last night I hatched these things called Aqua dragons. Aqua dragons are these creatures that have 3 eyes and they have 3 legs on each side.They can grow up to 2 cm. They cope best in cold water but if the waters to hot they will die. The Aqua dragons cant be overfed, but it doesn't matter if you forget to feed them! Its best to feed them 4-5 days.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dads Back!!

I was smashing the window like crazy while the car rolled down the drive way like a ball whizzing down a hill. " Dad!" I shouted.

As Dad walked through the door we all swarmed him like bees. "Dads back yes now no more I miss Dad" Mum said happily.(I thought she might do that) any way back to the story, Dad unloded his dump truck off presents. I got some really cool things from China town ( my sister thought it was China!)

Then I opened a present that changed every thing. It  was a minoin shirt that could fit Me and Caridy!

That was bad I thought...

Friday, 11 April 2014

NZ Lego compition

This year I will be entering a Lego compition This lego compition is all the New Zealanders that like Lego enter, My project looks really cool, I will post it up on my blog and Dad said we might go to the LEGO movie!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mandala art

This is some of our Malanda art that we did with Mrs Knapman. We drew all the things that we liked.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

The big day out

Saturday was the last day until dad went on his big trip to Singapore, so he decided to have a day out with us.

First we went to the Hawera pools and we had a lot of fun especially when Nana came, and the only thing that ruined it was I had to stick in the baby pool. But luckily Dad let me free.

Then we went to the Gelato cafe, and we got some ice cream and I had to beg Dad not to make me have another tub like last time. But luckily he didn't get me one!

After that we went to the Hawera King Edward park, to just have a play and boy, that didn't go so good.  Madden fell over and then Bryleigh fell over and it was just one pile after another.

Then finally we went to McDonalds. Dad ordered while I was trying to find something to do but then something caught my eye I saw Peter, I didn't say a word so I just looked away. After we scoffed down our food we had a play on the playground and then I really wanted these lego cards I had to convince him to grab some and he did! I was so happy but then I realised that I couldn't stay here forever.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


This is my tivaevae. A tivaevae is a Cook Island quilt used for special occasions such as birthdays and funerals.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Swimming sports

"8 year old girls to the marshalling area that has a 23 on their arm please." Dad announced through the speaker.
 Everybody made their way to the marshilling area.We all were wondering about how good we would do? Some people aren't so good at backstroke and I'm one of them. But I had no choice I signed up, and It was really bugging me that I didn't want to it but I had to."Ready set GO" said Miss Davidson.

Off I flew, But the only problem was my speed deteriorated. Then Smash! "Ouch" I yelped like a dogs tail getting stood on. Someone kicked me but I all I could do is keep going going on. The next thing I knew my hand smashed the wall like a hammer,I knew I didn't win but I was just glad that it's all over.