Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Imovie

Mackenna's IMOVIE from Mackenna Chittenden on Vimeo.
Here is my Imovie I created at home. It looks great and it took a long time to do! It is based on a normal guy who ends up in space! Here it is.

Creative key holder Advertisement

Creative Key Holders from Mackenna Chittenden on Vimeo.

Here is the ad on our Repurposing unit. We are done it and it looks great. Her It is for our... Lego key holder!

Scott Donaldsons kayak washes up in Taranaki!

Scott Donaldson kayak was found on a farm in Oeo in south Taranaki. It was located on the beach at 1pm in the afternoon. Scott tried to cross the Tasman sea in July, but failed. People in a helicopter flied over and spotted the kayak and flew in to take a look. People said that on the side it said Double ditch and that was the name of Scott crossing attempt. Here is a photo of the ship. (It looks a bit scratched up!)

Monday, 25 August 2014

My pic collage for topic

For topic, I created a Pic Collage of our product. The Lego key holder to sort of promote it. Then I told my whole group to create one to.Then we put it on our goggle presentation. Here is my pic collage of the product.

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Birthday party

To celebrate my birthday, Me and some of my friends went to a place called bowlarama and Mcdonalds. It was a cool day and heres a photo of us bowling. Also here is a photo of my birthday cake!!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Birthday

On the 21st of August it was my birthday. I turned 9 and this morning I opened my presents from Mum and Dad. (I also got a present from Uncle Craig) This is a picture of 1 of my presents! (Mum actually got this free while getting my other presents and its worth about $40!) Then Nana made a surprise entrance. She gave me 5 bars of chocolate and... A soft toy cat! Now, this isn't any orindary cat. its from Minecraft!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Technology in class persuasive writing

"Glue your worksheet in." "Make sure that's stuck in." That's what teachers used to always say until someone created iPADs. Some people love the idea. But after being in a iPAD class, they should be everywhere, and here's why.

Firstly, kids should have iPADs in class because it takes learning to the next level. From books to technology, like instead of doing your maths in your book you can get onto your iPAD and do math activities  instead. There are some great things that make iPAD experience better. Such as all the apps!

Secondly, you can use all sort of different apps like puppet pals, Aurasma, google docs and mathletics are some great examples of some apps that you would use every day.

Thirdly, if you are ready to type out your story and there was no more devices, you would have to wait until someone was finished, wouldn't that be wasting time? But if everyone had a iPAD no one would have to wait!

I think kids should have iPADs to help with their learning.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mackenna and Bethany puppet pals news report

My news report from Bethany Cook on Vimeo.
On Friday Room 4 went into Room 2 because of the Taranaki trophy. Mrs Cocker gave us a task to create a puppet pals on a story from,  I paired up with Bethany. Here is Mine and Bethany's puppet pals.

Monday, 11 August 2014

My Argument Writing

This is my Argument piece of writing about  should kids be given pocket money.  My argument stated that kids should not get pocket money.

Everyone thinks pocket money is a great thing, you can make your kids do more around the house, but I disagree, and I'll tell you why...

Firstly, if you live in a town and kids walk home from school. They could walk into shops and buy some lollies every day and get sick, that's unhealthy isn't it?

Secondly, some kids bribe other kids so they will carry their bags on the way home and do their homework. Thats a bad thing.

Lastly, if kids get pocket money they might think it will come easy. They might not get a job later on because they think it comes easy.

Kids should not be given pocket money because they are too young and irresponsible to handle money.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mackenna and Ebony Maths

Today in class Me and Ebony created a Maths video. Here is our video about adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. We used the app called Explain Everything.

My Mihi