Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mr Bloors Cross Country video

Thanks again to Mr Bloor for a wonderful Cross Country video. He has made such amazing videos. Well done Mr Bloor!!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Hunger Buster

"Mackenna!" Dad shouted." Come here." I walked over to him with my hand out." You will get 4 sausages now go over to the line."

I walked over to the line. It looked like it stretched to the other end of the world. It was like it took 1 millon years for me to get over to the front of the line!

My nose caught the super sweet sausage smell. My nose hoped for it so badly. Finally 1 person was in front of me. I really wished I could use the force to move that person behind me so I'd get the treasure.

I only longed for it. Finally when that person left I felt like I should really celebrate, but we need to stay focused, there are way more important things. Mr Kalin checked my hand and thought. "Hmm... 4s 4 sausages please!" I grabbed my food, heaven, but I was struggling to hold it.

I would've had some help but Caridy just stood there like a statue, watching me do all the work. So I said "don't just stand there... Help!" Can you see how silly she can be at times?

I tottled over holding 3 sausages and screamed at Dad "why do I have 4 sausages?!?!" Dad replied " woah woah woah, 2 for you 1 for Caridy and 1 for Mum, simple."

I forked over the 'giving Mum her sausage' job to Caridy so I could enjoy my heaven. But she didn't come out for awhile and I had promised myself I would eat my sausage when she came back!

Finally she came back and explained that Mum didn't want to have it so she gave it to Emily. But it was too late, I was not listening. My face was covered with tomato sauce. It felt like there was red paint all over my face. I have just given my sausage a one-way ticket to hungry land!

By Mackenna

Monday, 8 September 2014

Market day

Here is the Market day video created by Quade. It is showing some of the amazing class rooms creations. Cheack it out and see if you can spot the Creative key holders, my group!!!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Caridys new lamb... Sparkle!

On Friday the 5th of September Caridy just got her new lamb Sparkle. She got it for Calf and Lamb day. Madden was very excited to feed him! Here is a photo of Caridy, Bryleigh and Madden feeding Sparkle.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

All done and ready for market day!

Here is a photo of all the lego key holders together. The Creative key holders are ready for action at the market day!