Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Climbing, climbing

"Wow" I thought as I gazed at the giant thing. I've always wanted to go up there, and today's the day.

"Here we go" I thought as we entered the Hawera Water Tower. As I stopped to look at the signs to learn everyone was going up so I followed.

Climbing, climbing I thought as we hiked up the stairs. "Does this end?" I said "because it doesn't feel like it will"

As we go up closer to the destination I peeked through the window, I realised I could see pretty much the whole of Hawera! Everything looked like a little speck.

"We're here!" Harry said, "finally" I replied. My legs were aching. I looked around and I was stunned... It was worth that 215 stair climb! I looked at the ground "we were once there." 

I found the picture online

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