Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maori Language Week

Maori Language week from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

This week, to celebrate Maori Language Week. All of the seniors class had to come up with a slideshow to help people learn Maori. So me, Ashton and Catherine came up with a video to show people how to say emotions in Maori. Here is he links to their blogs.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, born on the 24th June 1987 in Rosario in Argentina. To parents Jorge Horìcio. (Father) and Celia Maria Cuccittini. (Mother). He has 3 siblings. Rodrigo and Matias (Older brothers) and Marìa Sol. (Younger Sister).

His club, FC Barcelona. He has played for grades C,B, and A. His current Jersey is number 10. He scored Barcelona's 400th goal. His wage is €16 million. ($21.2 million) per year. He is sponsored by the Turkish airlines.

His country, Argentina.  He could have played for Spain but he turned down them so he could play for his home country, Argentina. He played in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Making it to the finals but missing a free kick. He also played in the 2005 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Soon after he was named Argentina's captain.

His awards consist of 6 Ballon d'Or award, a golden boot and golden shoe. Lionel Messi is considered the best of his generation.

Lionel Messi is considered the most important player. Because he is payed the most and he has won most awards, including 6 Ballon d'Or awards.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Movie Time!

Movie time!

WALT: I am writing a recount

"Two medium popcorn and a coke thanks." Dad told the ticket man as he scoops up the popcorn. He handed Dad the tickets and we set off to the Cinema one.

Above the door the thin screen said “will commence at 9:10,Inside out.” We walked in to our surprise we saw Mr Tai! We said hi and set off on our journey… To find the perfect seat!

It was almost time for the movie. But wait! We can spy; jason Holmes, Emily, Uncle Jared and Auntie Paula. Also we saw Mrs Bunker and her son Jack! Who else were we going to see?

Finally, the movie started. The screen blinked while the sound system spoke. You better get comfortable, I bet this movie's going to be great!

By Mackenna

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Minecraft 4 blocks city

Here is a photo of a corner of me and my sisters 4 blocks city. We are currently building a library and we will keep you uptated on how it is going. Next we are hoping on making a headquarters were we can discuss what we are building next! Also we will build a motel.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Minecraft persuasive writing, answers

Hi guys, I have just posted my 'why Minecraft should be in schools' persuasive peice of writing. I have also just had 10 different comments on that! Thank you to all those people who commented. Now, a lot of the people had questions, so I am going to answer them. Also, I will add and answer knew questions!!

1:  What has been your favourite project?
Well, I am currently working on a big town with my sister.  (We are not sure of the name!)

2:  Do you think creative mode or survival mode are better suited to school and why?
I think Creative mode is better so you don't need to spend loads of time getting the materials. In creative everything is there and you never run out of it!

3:  Would you be able to support this argument with some images of the most creative things that you and your friends have created?
We are working on the Hawera Water tower, with some of my friends, but I can not included photos because it is for a competion. 

4:  Can you think of why some teachers do not want minecraft in schools? What is a possible reason why a teacher would not want minecraft in school, and how would you answer that reason?
Probably because they think kids may muck around, or break the other kids creations

5:   Is there a way to create a Minecraft town/village/castle/house/whatever with materials in a classroom??? 
It really depends on what you have in the class room, but if you have multi link cubes or Lego to make a house or village!

6: Do you think your classmates would use the class time to create within Minecraft or to consume time? 
If the students were givin the opportunity, they would arise to it and be responsible.

7: What subject does Minecraft most closely align with?
Geometry, The shapes of different building
Maths, Shapes
Writing, People could build a house and write a procedural piece of writing
History, They could build a peice of important landmark or thing that has happened.
And I am sure there are many more!

8: How do you see Minecraft getting implemented in school?  
It shows that kids can build really cool things, along with  a lot of imagination 

9:: Would it be used to enhance a lesson, or just for play during recess and lunch? 
Yes it would help with a lesson because they can join worlds and share ideas.

10: How do you believe it would positively effect the students' learning? 
Kids will be motivated because it is a fun app, and there is so much learning involved, the will actual want to learn with the app Minecraft!

11: What creative things do you build in Minecraft?
I'm working on a fire castle, called house of fire. I will post some pictures on it when it's fininshed, and the process.

12:  Do you usually build things on the spot or try to replicate things you know?
Well I haven't built anything that actually real, but I am thinking of doing something like that. I don't normally build things on the spot. I think about them first.

13: Do you currently use it in school, if so, when?
Well my class are working on hints like that for a competition, that is combined with 3 other schools. But we normally do it as the last thing in the day.

As I said, thanks for all the questions, if you have more comment in the writing or this answer post.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bad weather

Hi guys. Over the past few days there has been a servere weather storm. There has been snow in Wellington. Here is a picture of some of the hail that has just hit my house. Wow! 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Persuasive writing

Title: Why Minecraft should be in school

Do you want an app that shows creativity? Or do you want to be able to do anything? Well, Minecraft is that app. Here's some reasons why.

Firstly, Minecraft shows creativity, what you can build is limitless, you can get as creative as you can want. Whatever you think you can build, you can!

Secondly, this app gives a few tips on survival. (But of course you wouldn't go punching a tree for wood!) but it does show how to defend yourself in the worst situation. Also what to do when you're stranded, and what not.

Thirdly, this app shows the process of building, along with the process of farming. So it shows the life cycle.

Next, Minecraft shows people anything is possible in this game. Everyone can do anything in this great app.

Finally, Minecraft should be in schools because it can be used on several different consoles! iPad only school? Not a problem! Just get the mobile version! Computer only? Doesn't matter! Get the PC/Mac version! 

That's why Minecraft should be in schools, because it shows the value of creativity and the importance of surviving. 

4000 page views!!

Just recently, I hit 4000 page views! Thankyou everyone who has read my blog and left a comment! Thankyou so much!!