Monday, 12 October 2015

Baking with Auntie Paula

MRQO0774 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.'

"Flour, check. Eggs, check" said Aunty Paula as she grabbed those items. "This will taste so good!" I screamed as Aunty Paula put the ingredients in the bowl.

We begin to mix the ingredients together. "Ew! What is that?" I yelled. "It's just the cookie before it takes its shape." Aunty Paula said as she started shaping them into small balls. Soon she will finish, and that means they can go into the oven.

Aunty Paula closed the oven then said "you can either stare at that oven for 10 minutes or you could help me make the next batch of these cookies. "I'd much rather stare at this" I joked as I started helping.

After what seemed like YEARS, they finally were ready. I glared at them. "What's wrong?' Aunty Paula asked. "Well, they look... Different!" I replied. "That's because they have made their shape" she replied. Well then, I can't wait to eat them!

After about 2 cookies, I began to think. "There is probably only 1 word that can describe this...YUM"

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Photos of Mount Taranaki

Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but on Friday, I went to my Grandmas and Grandads house and we brought our iPads up. I noticed that the had a really good view of Mount Taranaki! So then I grabbed my iPad and toke some photos of Mount Taranaki. Here are some of my favourite photo that I toke.(Also, I have not been up there!)